General Information

The town of Arkham, Massachusetts, was founded in the year 1601.

Much of the early history of the town remains unknown. However, Arkham was briefly occupied by Hessian solders during the Revolutionary War.

During the 19th and 20th Centuries, Arkham slowly grew into an average New England town.


Arkham is the home of Miskatonic University, one of the oldest universities in the United States, which had been founded in 1648. Other known locations in Arkham include the Burger Bar, and the house that Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster now reside in (which lies a few miles outside of Arkham proper).

The Miskatonic River, which the university takes its name from, flows through Arkham.

Arkham has a newspaper called the Arkham Gazette. Hannah Webster wrote an article about the strange history of Arkham, which was published in that paper.

Strange events

Arkham has played witness to many strange events over the centuries. Such as the Blasted Heath, named for the desolate area that once existed outside the town (see separate page for information).

The Blasted Heath was responsible for a mysterious illness that swept through Arkham in early 2016. Rex and Hannah were able to successfully track down a cure for said illness before there were any fatalities.

In 1923, a man named Joel Manton visited an old house, in an abandoned cemetery. Said house was reputed to be haunted by a horrible creature. Mr. Manton was found later, totally insane. He was babbling about something “Unnameable.” The old house mysteriously burned down not long after. Manton himself spent the rest of his life in an insane asylum. Whatever he meant by the "Unnameable" remains a mystery to this day.

The Inner Circle

Arkham is the home base of the group called the Inner Circle, which is led by Randolph Carter.

Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster come to Arkham

In 2015, Rex Buckland accepted a new job as Head of the Ancient Languages Department at Miskatonic University. This resulted in he and Hannah Webster moving to Arkham. Although neither realized it at the time, Randolph Carter and the Inner Circle had been responsible for getting the two of them to move to Arkham.

Over time, the two former Warlocks uncovered the truth about the Inner Circle. This led Randolph to finally reveal the whole truth to Rex and Hannah and why the Inner Circle had gone thought all the trouble to get them to move to Arkham. Rex and Hannah ending up joining the Inner Circle themselves.


As of this writing, Rex and Hannah continue to reside in Arkham.


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