General Information

The Burger Bar is a restaurant located in Arkham, Massachusetts. Most of its frequent diners are faculty and students from nearby Miskatonic University.

Rex and Hannah at the Burger Bar

Following their move to Arkham in early 2015, Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster often dined there.

One of the staff of the Burger Bar is a young server named Staci Clarke. Staci has befriended Rex and Hannah, who always sit in her section when they visit the Burger Bar.

The Burger Bar was where Joseph Philip confronted Hannah and threatened her in an attempt to scare her out of joining the Inner Circle. Hannah told him to back off, that his scare tactics wouldn't work on her. Philip then tried to kill her by hitting her with his car not long after this confrontation.

Burger Bar 2

Interior shot of the Burger Bar.

When the 34th Century historian, Kalu, visited Rex and Hannah in October of 2015, the two former Warlocks took her to the Burger Bar. Although not used to 21st Century food, Kalu did admit that she enjoyed the meal she had at the Burger Bar.

It was at the Burger Bar that Staci fell ill due to the illness caused by the Blasted Heath.

Later, after Staci was cured by Rex and Hannah, she was quickly back at work at the Burger Bar.


Rex and Hannah will no doubt continue to frequent the Burger Bar in the future.


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