Personal Data

Claire Patrick

BIRTH NAME: Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator

DOB: 69 BC

HAIR: Brown

EYES: Brown.

OCCUPATION: Former Queen of Ancient Egypt, now an Egyptologist.



KNOWN RELATIVES: Mark Antony, Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator, and Ptolemy XIV (husbands), Caesarion, Ptolemy XV Philopator Philometor Caesar, Alexander Helios, Cleopatra Selene, Queen of Mauretania, and Ptolemy XVI Philadelphus (children).


Claire Patrick, an Egyptologist that Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster met in 2008, is in realty, the legendary Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator, the last Queen of Egypt.

In 30 B.C, after having been defeated by the young Roman Emperor, Octavian (who later took the name Augustus) Cleopatra and her lover, Mark Antony, decided to take their own lives, rather than surrender. Antony impaled himself on a sword, and Cleopatra used the poison of a snake bite to end her life.

However, a loyal alchemist to Cleopatra, Lynnon, felt that Egypt could not live without her. He forced her to drink a potion that reversed the effect of the snake bite and made Cleopatra immortal. She was then smuggled out of Alexandria. Although history declared her now to be dead, Cleopatra lived on. Lynnon disappeared soon after, and took the secret of the immortality potion with him.

Cleopatra’s activities beyond this point are unknown, but she eventually assumed the identity Claire Patrick and became an Egyptologist. Her mission was to preserve the treasures of her homeland and keep them out of the hands of those that would sell them for profit. For that purpose, she maintained a vault hidden in the catacombs beneath Alexandria as a storage place for said treasures. Among the treasures were a few scrolls Claire was able to rescue from the Library Of Alexandria, when it was destroyed by fire. However, what Claire didn't know was that one of the scrolls contained the Opening Spell, that could release all Demons from the Demonic Wasteland.

Cleopatra unmasked

In 2008, a Lower Level Demon named Magwon discovered Claire's true identity of Cleopatra. He threatened to reveal her identity to the world if she didn't share the secret of her immortality with him. Claire informed him that she didn't know the secret, that it disappeared with Lynnon, the alchemist that created the immortality potion. However, Magwon refused to believe her. He continued to plague Claire for the next six months.

Claire meets Rex and Hannah

Not long after, Rex and Hannah met Claire for the first time, and discovered that Magwon has been bothering her for six months. Ar first, Claire refused to tell Rex and Hannah why this was happening, so Rex began to investigate Claire on his own. Soon he uncovered the fact that Claire was in reality, Cleopatra, and he and Hannah confronted her with that information. Claire then admitted the truth to them about her identity and why Magwon was after her. Rex and Hannah subsequently revealed their own background to Claire, to help earn her trust. The three of them then worked together to trap and vanquish Magwon, which they succeeded in doing.

After that, Claire left San Francisco. Rex and Hannah promised to keep her secret and she in turn promised to keep theirs. However, Rex and Hannah continued to keep in touch with Claire following this adventure.

Rex and Hannah meet up with Claire again

In 2009, Rex and Hannah travelled to Alexandria, Egypt, to visit Claire. Claire then showed the two former Warlocks her hidden collection of Egyptian artifacts, including the scrolls from the Library Of Alexandria, that Claire had managed to rescue when said library was burned. Rex recognized the scroll that contained the Opening Spell.

At that same time, Darac, the Lower Level Demon, who had been searching Egypt for two years, looking for that scroll, arrived in Alexandria. When he spotted Rex, he followed the former Warlock, knowing that Rex had a knack for locating and translating old books and scroll. When Claire showed Rex the scroll, Darac snatched it and hoped to use it. However, he was stopped by Claire who, with some assistance from Rex and Hannah, uses a magic spell to command Egyptian scarabs to consume Darac. Rex then destroyed the scroll, so it could not be used again.

After that, Rex used a spell to take himself, Hannah, and Claire back in time for a brief tour of Ancient Egypt.

Future meetings

After this adventure, Rex and Hannah have not met up with Claire since. However, it is more than likely that they have kept in touch with her. As to when another meeting will take place, only time will tell.


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