Personal Data

Cole Turner
BIRTH NAME: Cole Turner

DOB: January 19th, 1885  

HAIR: Brown.

EYES: Blue.

OCCUPATION: Former Demonic assassin, former lawyer.

DESIGNATION: Former Human-demon hybrid, now human.

KNOWN POWERS: Orbing, healing, projecting force fields, others.

KNOWN RELATIVES: Benjamin Turner (father deceased) Elizabeth Turner (mother, status unknown), Phoebe Halliwell (ex-wife), Kira the Seer (wife), Phoebe Hannah Turner (daughter).


Cole Turner was born in 1885 to Benjamin and Elizabeth Turner. What Benjamin didn't know was that Elizabeth was, in reality, a Demon. This made Cole half human and half Demon. When Cole was three years old, Elizabeth killed Benjamin and took Cole away with her to the Underworld.

Cole falls in love with Phoebe

For over a century, Cole became a legend in the Underworld as the ruthless demonic assassin Belthazor. In 2000, Cole was dispatched by the Source to kill the Charmed Ones. At first he was willing to carry out his mission. However, over time, he fell in love with Phoebe Halliwell. This eventually led him to renounce evil and become a close ally of the Charmed Ones.

Battles with evil

Unfortunately, Cole was unable to prevent the death of Prudence Halliwell at the hands of the Source's assassin, Shax, in 2001.

Cole was present in the adventure when Piper and Phoebe discovered their previously unknown half-sister, Paige Matthews.

Not long after that, Cole proposed to Phoebe after they vanquished a Lower Level Demon. Later they discovered that that Sykes, another Upper Level Demon, had been mimicking Belthazor, hoping to take his place in the Underworld. To vanquish Sykes, Cole takes on his demonic form, but had Phoebe create a potion to kill him if he could not change back. After vanquishing Sykes, Cole turns on the Charmed Ones, having totally been consumed by his demonic half. However, at that point, a woman, who's lover that Belthazor had killed some time before, picked up the potion (that had been dropped in the fracas) and threw it at him. The result was that Belthazor was vanquished, while the human Cole remained.

It seemed that the path for Cole and Phoebe to marry was clear, but, alas, it was not to last.

Cole becomes the Source

In 2002, the Source broke an ages old agreement and consumed the Hollow, a force that devours all magic, Good and Evil. The Source hoped to use this to finally kill the Charmed Ones. However, the original Seer tricked Cole into consuming the Hollow which allowed him to intervene and help the Charmed Ones to vanquish the the Source.

However, the essence of the Source was able to enter Cole, and eventually took him over completely. Cole than began to consolidate his power in the Underworld. At the same time, he continued to romance Phoebe. At first, only Paige began to suspect that something was wrong, but Piper and Phoebe didn't believe her at the time.

Cole tried to give up the Source when a Wizard offered to help him do so. His human side had become strong and Phoebe had learned through a premonition that Cole was evil again. however, before the ritual was completed, the Seer who had manipulated Phoebe interrupted and vanquished the Wizard.

Cole was crowned the new Source with Phoebe as his Queen. Although initially seemingly turned to evil, Phoebe eventually sided with her sisters . Before Cole could destroy them, she trapped him in a crystal cage which allowed the Charmed Ones to vanquish him to the Demonic Wasteland.

Cole in the Wasteland

Soon after, Phoebe discovered that Cole was able to linger in the Wasteland because of his human soul. Phoebe visited him there and insisted that he move on to his afterlife. After she departed, Cole accidentally discovers that he could acquire the powers of other Demons vanquished into the Wasteland. He became powerful enough to kill the beast that consumes the essence of the vanquished Demons and escaped.

Back on Earth

Upon his return to Earth, however, Cole discovered that Phoebe and her sisters no longer wanted anything more to do with him. Countless attempts to get Phoebe to take him back, to convinced her that he was now good, fail. As a result, Cole went insane. As a result of the powers he had acquired in the Wasteland, Cole was now invincible and the sisters were unable to vanquish him.

Vanquished again

In 2003, Cole accepted the offer from the Avatars, a group of inter-dimensional beings, to become one of them. Once he became an Avatar, Cole created an an alternate reality where Piper and Phoebe never met Paige. In the new reality, Cole was once again Belthazor and no longer indestructible. He found himself the right hand man of the Source and owned Halliwell Manor and back with Phoebe, but they were unhappy together (both openly having affairs).

However, before Cole altered reality, Paige was accidentally transported here from the real world and teamed up with Piper and Leo to destroy Cole. After convincing Phoebe to join their side, the Charmed Ones vanquish Cole, seemingly for good. Once that was done, the reality that Cole created ceased to exist.

Cole in the void

However, what no one knew at the time was that the Angel Of Destiny still saw some good in Cole and intervened. The Angel sent Cole's human soul into the cosmic void between life and death while the Council Of Angels decided his case and to return his soul or not.

In 2005, Cole intervened to make sure Piper Halliwell was reunited with Leo Wyatt. Leo had been taken away by the Elders and his memories of Piper suppressed. Cole arranged for Piper to be attacked by Thorn Demons, in order that she could temporarily join him in the void. Once there, Cole convinced Piper to let herself go to the brink of death, and then call to Leo. Their love being stronger than the memory block the Elders placed on him, Leo realizes his love for Piper and gave up his powers forever to be with her. He arrived back home to see Piper healed by their first born son, Wyatt.

At the same time, Cole had an alternate plan in order to make sure Phoebe did give up on love. He had arranged for a former Demon, named Drake, to become human the previous year. The catch, Drake would only have one year to live. When the time came, Cole directed Drake to Phoebe and the two of them did fall in love. Drake spent his remaining days on Earth dating Phoebe.

Cole is released from the void

In 2009, the Angel Of Destiny released Cole from the void and remanded him into the custody of Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster. The Angel explained that Cole’s case (whether his soul should be returned or not) would finally be decided by the Council Of Angels before long. Cole was happy to be free of the void and made a request, he would like to visit the Halliwell sisters. The next day, Rex, Hannah, and Cole headed to Halliwell Manor, where they talked to Piper. Since Cole had helped Piper and Leo get back together, Piper was willing to hear Cole out. Cole also met Kira the Seer for the first time at this (she had been living at Halliwell Manor since her rescue from the Demonic Wasteland the previous year).

A meeting was soon arranged with Phoebe, that took place at Halliwell Manor the following day, with Piper, Paige, Coop (Phoebe’s husband), and Kira present as well. Cole explained that he never wanted to be evil, but events had been beyond his control (such as the original Seer tricking him into taking the Source’s powers). When he had been the Source, Cole’s own identity had been completely suppressed. Although reluctant at first, Phoebe soon realized that she had badly misjudged Cole, she had assumed he willingly wanted to be the Source. Although they could never be lovers again, Cole and Phoebe did part as friends. At that point, the Angel Of Destiny appeared and informed Cole that the Council had decided in Cole’s favour, and thus Cole regained his soul.

Cole and Kira hook up

A few days later, Cole met up with Kira the Seer, in a café, and the two of them started chatting. Watching, the Angel Of Destiny proclaimed that a new magical union had begun.

As it turned out, the Angel was correct. Cole and Kira fell in love. Rex and Hannah attended their housewarming party when the two of them decided to move in together.

Both Cole and Kira attended Rex and Hannah's wedding on Halloween of 2015 via Skype.

Marriage and birth of first child

In the summer of 2016, Cole and Kira were married. Rex and Hannah were both in attendance at the wedding, which took place in San Francisco.

By October of 2016, Cole and Kira were expecting their first child.

On July 13th, 2017, the couple welcomed their first child, a girl. The baby was named Phoebe Hannah Turner, in honour of Phoebe Halliwell and Hannah Webster. Rex and Hannah are the baby's new God parents.


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