The following is a list of ghosts encountered by Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster since 2008. The encounters will be listed in the chronological order in which they took place.

A few of these encounters with ghosts happened on or around Halloween.

NOTE: Herbert West and Samhain each have their own separate pages.

Halliwell ghosts

Penelope, Patricia, and Prudence Halliwell

In 2008, Rex and Hannah were visited by the spirits of Penny, Patty, and Prue Halliwell, who informed them that the Charmed Ones would soon discover that the two former Warlocks were back in San Francisco.

This discovery took place not long after that encounter. This ultimately led to the reconciliation between Rex and Hannah and the Charmed Ones. They became firm allies from that point on.

Civil War Ghosts


In 2009, Rex was intrigued a story told to him by a student, who was in one of his classes at Stanford. Said student was native to the hills of Tennessee. Rex and Hannah then journeyed there to investigate said story, an old Civil War legend involving ghostly Union and Confederate soldiers.

Not long after arriving in Tennessee, the two former Warlocks witnessed the spirits of Union and Confederate soldiers fighting the same battle at the same time every day. Slowly, Rex and Hannah piece together what had happened.

In 1863, a small group of Union and Confederate soldiers fought it out to the last man in the woods near Sutton’s Corner, Tennessee. Jeremiah, who was the son of a woman named Eliza Payne, was gathering wood nearby, and was accidentally shot and killed. Eliza, a practicing witch, who had sought refuge in the woods with her son, to avoid persecution, was grief stricken at the loss of her son. Since Eliza didn't know which side was responsible, she put a curse on both groups of soldiers. The curse forced their spirits to relive their battle every day, until both could let go of their hate and put down their rifles.

Eventually, Rex and Hannah discovered the cave that Eliza and her son Jeremiah had lived in, and Eliza’s journal. Eliza's journal told the tragic story of the death of her son and the curse she had placed on the soldiers. Rex and Hannah then confronted both the Union and Confederate soldiers and made them realize the futility of their endless battle. Both sides lowered their weapons, and thus lifted the curse. As Rex and Hannah watched, the spirits of both the Union and Confederate soldiers crossed over, able to find peace at last. As a result, the spirits of Eliza Payne and her son Jeremiah crossed over as well.

Christy Jenkins

Christy Jenkins

Accidentally freed from Purgatory by someone fooling with a Ouija Board, the now remorseful spirit of Christy Jenkins returned to Earth in 2009. Christy was in search of her younger sister, Wilhelmina "Billie" Jenkins, whom she hoped to reconcile with.

Christy’s search led her to Rex and Hannah, who she identified herself to. The name seemed familiar to Rex. Rex soon located references to it in some scrolls that he had captured during an Insurgent raid on the then Demon controlled Magic School, several years before.

The scrolls revealed that the reason that Christy had been kidnapped in the first place was because the Triad had a long range plan to overthrow the Source and rule the Underworld themselves. Since they would need the support of the Upper Level Demons to do so, the Triad figured that taking out the Charmed Ones was the way to achieve that goal. Hence their plan to use Christy and Billie against the Charmed Ones, a plan the Source knew nothing about, since it would have led to his downfall.

Seeking more information on Christy, Rex and Hannah consulted with Paige Matthews, who told them about the Ultimate Battle and how Christy had died, three years earlier. In her years of Demon captivity, Christy had been slowly brainwashed by Dumain, a Demon working for the Triad, and was now converted to their cause. As a result of said brainwashing, Christy had slowly been turning Billie against the Charmed Ones. The Triad hoped that the combined powers of Christy and Billie would be enough to eliminate the Charmed Ones (and they hoped Christy and Billie would perish as well, leaving no loose ends).

However, in the end, Billie realized the truth and would not go along with Christy any longer. After the Charmed Ones vanquished the Triad and Dumain, Billie tried to reason with Christy, but it was too late. Christy conjured a fireball and hurled it towards the Charmed Ones. Billie, on instinct, used her own powers to send the fireball back at Christy, incinerating her. Billie was devastated at the loss of the sister she had worked so hard to save, and, as a result, cut ties with the Charmed Ones and left San Francisco soon after.

Doing some leg work, Rex, Hannah, and Paige tracked Billie down to her new apartment in Seattle, Washington, and told her about Christy’s spirit.

At that point, Christy's spirit appeared, having followed Rex, Hannah, and Paige to Seattle. Although she was reluctant to listen at first, Billie soon heard Christy out and realized that Christy was indeed sorry for what had happened. Christy now realized that she'd been used and manipulated for years. Christy and Billie then finally reconciled and Christy, finally at peace, crossed over to the Spirit World.

Now at peace with herself, now that she had reconciled with Christy, Billie soon moved back to San Francisco and renewed her ties with the Halliwell sisters.

The Romanov Family


Rex and Hannah encountered the spirits of Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, and Alexei Romanov in 2009. The Romanov children had been Earthbound since they and their parents, Tsar Nicholas II and his wife, the Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna, were murdered by the Bolsheviks in 1918.

When Rex realized who the Royal spirits were, he confronted them and asked why they have come to him. They informed him that they were there because their father asked them to find him, but refused to divulge the reason why.

Rex and Hannah took the spirits back to their Palo Alto apartment, confident that soon they would find out the truth. While there, the spirits related the horror of their brutal murder to Rex and Hannah.

When the spirits of Nicholas and Alexandra finally arrived, Nicholas informed Rex that he stayed Earthbound because he felt that he had failed his people. He didn’t prevent the Russian Revolution and the horrors that followed it. His family, out of love and loyalty, decided to remain Earthbound with him. Rex told Nicholas that there was nothing he could have done to stop the revolution, Russia was ripe for such a disaster, no matter what. Nicholas, encouraged by his family, realized that Rex was right. He then told Rex and Hannah that Prue Halliwell’s spirit was the one that sent the Romanov’s to Rex and Hannah in the first place.

As a last favour, Nicholas gave Rex the code words to access a secret account in a British bank that held a considerable fortune that Nicholas had managed to smuggle out of Russia when the revolution broke out. At Nicholas’s request, Rex donated the money from said account to various hospitals, orphanages, and schools across Russia, money the institutions in question desperately needed. Now at peace, the spirits of the Romanov family finally crossed over to the Spirit World.


Sigmund had been a teacher at Magic School and a former friend of the disgraced White Lighter Elder, Gideon. During Gideon’s plan to murder Wyatt Halliwell, Sigmund initially went along with it. However, he soon realized that Gideon was wrong and said he was going to expose the plan to the Charmed Ones. To keep that from happening, Gideon murdered Sigmund. However, Sigmund’s spirit lingered at Magic School, even after Leo Wyatt defeated Gideon. Sigmund suspected the truth about what had happened to Gideon, that he was displaced in time and lost his powers as a result.

When Rex and Hannah returned Gideon to Magic School in 2010 (the two former Warlocks having stumbled upon Gideon in Ancient Britain), Sigmund struck back against the now mortal Gideon. However, Rex managed to convince Sigmund that murdering Gideon was not the answer, and that Gideon was not worth being stuck in Purgatory over. Having realized that Rex was right, Sigmund finally moved on to the Spirit World.

Queen Boudicca

Queen Boudicca

Rex and Hannah, while watching a Halloween documentary about ghosts in 2012, were astonished to hear about the restless spirit of Queen Boudicca still roaming the British countryside. The documentary suggested that Boudicca could not rest because she felt that she had failed her people by not driving the Romans out of Britain. This prompted Rex and Hannah to recall their visit to Ancient Britain and how they had to stop Gideon from changing history. Gideon had planned to help Boudicca defeat the Romans.

Soon after, Rex and Hannah travelled to Britain to talk to Boudicca’s ghost. Rex wanted to help Boudicca find peace, since he felt partly responsible for her defeat, despite what history demanded. When Rex and Hannah confronted Boudicca’s spirit, however, she informed Rex that she no longer blamed him for what happened. Boudicca understood what history had demanded of her. Rather, the reason she was still on Earth was because she was proud that her people still honoured and remembered her. That put Rex’s mind at ease and he and Hannah then returned home.

Ghosts of the U-28

German U-boat World War I

While getting ready for Halloween in 2013, Rex and Hannah encountered the ghostly crew of the World War I German U-boat, the 28, led by Captain Heinrich Kruger.

Doing research, Rex and Hannah discovered that, while attacking an Allied convoy on October 31st, 1915, the U-28 was sunk by a British warship, with no survivors. At the beginning of that same year, the U-28 crew had been personally awarded the Iron Cross by Kaiser Wilhelm II himself for bravery in the line of duty.

Rex and Hannah further uncovered that, in 1987, an American business man named Arthur Wilson had removed the Iron Cross from the wreckage of the U-28. This was the event that woke the spirits of Captain Kruger and his crew. Now, years later, the phantom crew of the U-28 had arrived in San Francisco in search of the Iron Cross, which they believed was in the city.

Iron Cross

Iron Cross of the U-28.

Hannah remembered handling the Iron Cross while she and Rex were still at Buckland Auction House back in 1998, where it had been consigned after Arthur Wilson’s death.

Rex and Hannah then travelled to the warehouse in Sausalito, where the records from the Auction House had been stored, following the bankruptcy and demolition of the Auction House in 2004. In no time, they successfully located the record of the auction in which the Iron Cross had been sold to man named Jeffery Milner. With that information in hand, Rex and Hannah tracked down Jeffery Milner, and tried to convince him to give the Iron Cross up. Milner refused at first, but the arrival of Captain Kruger and his ghostly crew soon changed his mind.

With the Iron Cross recovered at last, Captain Kruger and his crew received a message from Kaiser Wilhelm II, which told them that it was time to come home and rest. Having given their their thanks to Rex and Hannah, Kruger and his crew finally departed the world of the living.

Vanishing Hitchhikers

Vanishing Hitchiker

Trying to find the way home.

As Halloween of 2014 approached, Rex and Hannah encountered the Earthbound spirits of two young women who had been killed in car accidents, several decades before.

Both these unfortunate spirits had helped to contribute to the urban legends of Vanishing Hitchhikers that have cropped up through the decades.


The first of the two was Susan, who'd been killed in a car crash in the 1930's, soon after becoming engaged to a young man named Paul. Susan had been on her way home to tell her parents of the engagement when the car accident happened.

For decades after her death, Susan had been trying to get home to her family, unaware of what had happened to her.

Rex and Hannah were able make Susan realize that decades had passed Susan was finally able to cross over to the Spirit World, where her family and Paul no doubt awaited her.


The second Vanishing Hitchhiker was a teenage girl named Becky. Becky had been killed in a car accident in 1957. Like Susan before her, Becky was unaware that she had died in the accident.

For the next fifty-seven years, Becky had unsuccessfully tried to get home to her parents, unaware that she was no longer among the living.

As in the case with Susan, Rex and Hannah were able to help Becky realize what had happened to her. In the end, Becky crossed over to the Spirit World and re-joined her parents.

Janet Sutton

As Halloween of 2017 approached, Rex, Hannah, and the teenaged spirit, Samhain, embarked on a road trip to help Vanishing Hitchhiker ghosts cross over. One such ghost was a teenage girl named Janet Sutton, who had been killed when a drunk driver hit her, on July 10th, 1975.

With the help of Samhain, who could relate to Janet, because she too had died very young, they manged to make Janet see the truth, and Janet crossed over.

This incident helped inspire Samhain to start a quest to seek out and help other such spirits cross over.


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