Personal Data

Jenkalu Hannah Buckland 3
BIRTH NAME: Jenkalu Hannah Buckland

AGE: Early twenties.

HAIR: Brown.

EYES: Brown.

OCCUPATION: Historian.


KNOWN POWERS: None, although she has access to 34th Century technology.

KNOWN RELATIVES: Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster (ancestors).

First encounter with Rex and Hannah

RHJenkalu Hannah Buckland 5

Kalu arrives in the 21st Century.

In 2009, a mysterious young woman appeared in Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster’s apartment through a glowing doorway. She introduced herself as Kalu, and that she was a historian from the 34th Century. Her home was the Republic Of Luna, what we currently call the Moon.

Kalu claimed that she had come to the 21st Century in order to meet Rex and Hannah in person. Kalu claimed that in her time, all magic was known, and that Rex and Hannah were well known historical figures in the field of magic (for leading the Warlock Insurgency against the Source).

When questioned by Rex and Hannah, Kalu would not divulge any information about her background or her time . She explained that any attempt to do so would seriously disrupt the time line.

Kalu had a request for Rex and Hannah, could they tell her the story of the Warlock Insurgency, from start to finish. Kalu claimed that she wanted to hear the story of The Insurgents right from those who had led them. Rex and Hannah, seeing no harm in it, related the tale of their fight against the Source and his Demons to Kalu. Kalu was thrilled to hear the story and grateful to Rex and Hannah for sharing it with her.

Soon after, Kalu returned to the 34th Century, promising that she would return again for another visit someday. Rex and Hannah were puzzled as to why she had come to visit them in the first place. Her story of wanting to meet them in person just didn’t seem to click. The two former Warlocks felt that Kalu’s mission was more than just historical research.

However, neither Rex nor Hannah had any idea of what the true purpose for Kalu’s visit was.

Kalu's secret

Jenkalu Hannah Buckland6

Kalu has a secret that she cannot reveal to Rex and Hannah.

The big secret, the one that Kalu was unable to share with Rex and Hannah, was that her full name was Jenkalu Hannah Buckland. She was a 34th Century descendant of Rex and Hannah.

Kalu had come to the 21st Century to visit her famous ancestors, having read and heard so much about them in her time. This was the reason she had to withhold so much information from Rex and Hannah. Their own future, and Kalu’s own past, would be severely affected had she divulged her true identity to them.

Kalu reappears

Wicca Envy-0

Wicca Envy is revisited.

Some months later, Rex and Hannah found themselves “recruited” by the Temporal Enforcers (a future Time Police force that monitors the time stream) and sent back to early 1999. They arrived just at the beginning of the scheme that the 1999 version of Rex and Hannah had come up with to acquire the powers of the Charmed Ones.

Kalu then appeared and told Rex and Hannah that she had been asked by the Temporal Enforcers to act as a consultant, because of her intimate knowledge of Rex and Hannah. Kalu explained that they had been sent back into the past to stop a Demon named Vosk. Vosk had travelled back in time from the year 2032 in order to change the outcome of the 1999 Rex and Hannah’s final battle with the Charmed Ones. Vosk’s plan was to ensure that the past Rex and Hannah’s scheme succeeded, which would result in the Charmed Ones dying in 1999 and none of their descendants ever being born (Wyatt and Chris Halliwell were responsible for defeating Vosk in 2032).

The Warlock Insurgency would also be wiped out as, had Rex and Hannah succeeded in their 1999 plan against the Charmed Ones, they would not have been punished by the Source. Thus they would have no reason or motivation to turn against him.

What Kalu couldn’t admit was that her own existence was also threatened as, had Rex and Hannah remained loyal to the Source, they would have never started Kalu’s family line.

With devices provided by Kalu (including Phase Cloaks, so Rex and Hannah could move about in the past without being seen by anyone, including their past selves), Rex and Hannah stopped Vosk before he could change the past (Vosk intended to stop Leo Wyatt from intervening to save the Charmed Ones) and dispatched him back to 2032 (where Wyatt and Chris Halliwell vanquished him).

Having succeeded, Rex and Hannah were returned to 2009, where Kalu was waiting to congratulate them. Rex and Hannah then asked Kalu to admit the truth about herself, telling her that they knew she was keeping some secret from them. Of course, Kalu couldn’t tell Rex and Hannah anything, saying it would change history if she divulged the information they wanted from her. Kalu then returned to the 34th Century, leaving Rex and Hannah behind to continue to puzzle about her identity and motives.

Four years would pass before Rex and Hannah would see Kalu again.

Third encounter

Jenkalu Hannah Buckland 2

Kalu is back for a third adventure.

In 2013, Kalu returned and aided Rex, Hannah, and the adult Charmed Sons (who had come from twenty years in the future) to find out just who was attempting to change the future.

Kalu had discovered that whomever it was had come from the 34th Century. Someone had broken into one of the time research labs and had stolen a time displacer, which they then used to travel back in time to 2013.

Kalu informed Rex and Hannah that the Temporal Enforcers had detected this attempted change in time, which was centered in 2013, and sent her back to aid them. As always, Kalu was limited in what she could and couldn’t tell the group, for fear of further altering the time line.

The trail soon led to a cave in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where Rex, Hannah, Kalu, Wyatt, and Chris discovered the Demon, Zankou, whom the Charmed Ones had vanquished in 2005. Kalu informed the group that this version of Zankou is the being from her time. Zankou confirmed that what Kalu said was right and then informed the group of his intent to change the future, so that Good and Evil would never make peace, as they had done so by the 34th Century (a fact that Zankou had discovered after escaping the Demonic Wasteland, in which he had been imprisoned for more than a thousand years).

Zankou then attempted to kill the group, but their combined powers quickly defeated him. Kalu then returned to the 34th Century, taking the defeated Zankou with her to stand trial for his attempt to alter the past.

Kalu reveals all

Jenkalu Hannah Buckland5

Kalu finally reveals her true identity to Rex and Hannah.

Kalu returned in 2015, as Halloween approached, and claimed she was on a research mission. Rex and Hannah were living in Arkham, Massachusetts, by the time of this latest visit.

She was present when Rex and Hannah solved the mystery of what had become of Herbert West. However, Kalu continued to evade any direct question that Rex and Hannah would ask her, for fear of contaminating the time line.

During this visit, Rex and Hannah took Kalu to the Burger Bar. Although not used to 21st Century food, Kalu did enjoy her meal.

Soon after, Kalu revealed to Randolph Carter and Richard Pickman that she had come from the future. Both men agreed to keep that information secret.

When Rex and Hannah decided to get married, at the end of that adventure, Rex realized that this was the event that Kalu had come back to witness. When the two former Warlocks confronted Kalu about this, she finally broke down and revealed her true identity of Jenkalu Hannah Buckland, their future descendant, to them. However, Kalu would not reveal any information about their future children to Rex and Hannah, citing that she'd already violated several protocols by her revelation that she was their descendant

Soon after, Kalu attended Rex and Hannah's Halloween wedding, along with Staci Clarke, Randolph Carter, Richard Pickman, and, via Skype, Kira the Seer and Cole Turner .

During the celebrations, Kalu mused that she wished she could tell what lay ahead for the two former Warlocks. However, she knew that divulging that information was out of the question.

As to when Rex and Hannah will encounter Kalu again, only time will tell.


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