Personal Data

BIRTH NAME: Kira (last name, if she has one, is unknown)

AGE: Inapplicable.

HAIR: Brown.

EYES: Brown.


DESIGNATION: Former Demon, now human.

KNOWN POWERS: Ability to see the past and future.

KNOWN RELATIVES: Cole Turner (husband), Phoebe Hannah Turner (daughter).

First appearance


Kira at Halliwell Manor.

Prior to her making contact with Leo Wyatt and the Charmed Ones in 2004, nothing is known of Kira. It remains unclear as to exactly when she gave up her humanity, and soul, in order to become a Demon.

What is known is that Kira became a Seer in the Underworld, and was the apprentice to the original Seer. When the original Seer was vanquished by the Charmed Ones in 2002, Kira was promoted to take her place. However, Kira was never as evil as her predecessor had been and quickly grew disillusioned with the Underworld and it policies. In time, she became aware of the Warlock Insurgency, which was led by Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster, and secretly supported them.

Banished to Wasteland

In 2004, Kira had finally decided to defect to the side of good. To do that, she approached the White Lighter Elders and offered to make a deal. If they would make her human again, she would reveal key information about the Underworld. Eventually the Elders agreed and asked the Charmed Ones to guard Kira until the deal could be fulfilled.

Despite being a Demon, Kira got along well with the Charmed Ones, especially Phoebe Halliwell (no doubt because both of them had similar powers). It looked like Kira would get her wish after all.

Unfortunately, the Demon, Zankou, had other ideas. He considered Kira a traitor and tracked her down at Halliwell Manor. As the Charmed Ones watched helplessly, Zankou vanquished Kira to the Demonic Wasteland.

Kira is rescued


Kira returns from the Wasteland.

Four years later, in 2008, the Charmed Ones discovered that Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster were back in town and confronted them. Rex and Hannah revealed that they had turned their backs on evil and had led the Warlock Insurgency against the Demons for years. As proof, Rex revealed that he possessed an array of magic books and he felt should be preserved. One of those books was the Grimoire, which Leo Wyatt had hidden in the Andes Mountains years before. Rex had learned of its location and recovered it. It was then that Phoebe Halliwell hit on the idea of using the Grimoire to rescue Kira from the Wasteland. With Rex’s help, the spell was cast and Kira was indeed liberated from the Wasteland and reunited with her human friends.

At that point, the Angel Of Destiny (the one that the Charmed Ones had encountered prior and after the Ultimate Battle) appeared and offered to return Kira’s soul, fulfilling the promise to make her human. Kira agreed, and her humanity was restored (although she did retain her powers). Soon after, Kira was invited to live at Halliwell Manor, while she tried to find her place in the world.

In the following years, Kira became a stanch ally of Rex and Hannah. She also remained good friends with the Halliwell sisters.

Kira's first adventure with Rex and Hannah

Kira was involved in the incident when the spirit of Sigmund attacked the now mortal Gideon at Magic School. Sigmund briefly possessed her, but she managed to force him out.

Second adventure

When Hannah disappeared in 2012, Rex consulted with Kira to see if she could locate Hannah in the Underworld (Rex had assumed a Demon had taken Hannah hostage). However, Kira told him that was not the case (because what had really happened was that Hannah and been dispatched, via a magical idol, a century back in time to the Titanic)

Kira hooks up with Cole

During that time, Cole Turner had been freed from the Void Between Life and Death and also given his soul back by the Angel Of Destiny (who had arranged for Cole to be sent into the void, while his case was decided by the Council Of Destiny).

Soon after, Cole and Kira met and fell in love. This has been foretold by the Angel Of Destiny when she proclaimed that a new magical union had begun.

Rex and Hannah attended their housewarming party when they decided to move in together.

In 2015, Kira and Cole became engaged.

Rex and Hannah's wedding

In October of 2015, Kira revealed to Hannah, via a conversation on Skype, that Cole had proposed marriage to her. This got Hannah thinking of marriage herself.

When Hannah brought the suggestion up with Rex, he said yes.

Both Kira and Cole attended Rex and Hannah's wedding on Halloween of 2015 via Skype.

Marriage and birth of first child

In the summer of 2016, Kira and Cole were married. Rex and Hannah were both in attendance at the wedding, which took place in San Francisco.

By October of 2016, Kira was pregnant with she and Cole's first child. She quickly relayed the happy news to Rex and Hannah.

On July 13th, 2017, Kira gave birth to a baby girl. The baby was named Phoebe Hannah Turner, in honour of Phoebe Halliwell and Hannah Webster. Rex and Hannah are the baby's new God parents.


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