Personal Data

Leo Wyatt-0
NAME: Leo Wyatt

DOB: May 6, 1924.

HAIR: Blond.

EYES: Blue.

OCCUPATION: Former White Lighter Elder, now head of Magic School.

DESIGNATION: Former White Lighter, now human.

KNOWN POWERS: Orbing, healing, glamouring.

KNOWN RELATIVES: Piper Halliwell (wife), Prudence Halliwell (sister-in-law, deceased), Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews (sisters-in law), Wyatt Matthew Halliwell and Christopher Perry Halliwell (sons), Victor Bennett (father-in-law), Patricia Halliwell (mother-in-law, deceased).

General Information

Leo Wyatt is the husband of Piper Halliwell and father of their two sons, Wyatt and Chris. For sixty-three years, from 1942 to 2005, he was a White Lighter.

Leo and Piper


Piper Halliwell, Leo's girlfriend and then wife.

Leo was assigned to the Halliwell sisters in 1998, soon after they had discovered and activated their powers. At the time, he posed as a handyman, as he was forbidden to reveal his White Lighter status to them. Despite being forbidden to do so, Leo began a relationship with Piper Halliwell.

In time, the relationship deepened and Leo eventually revealed his background to Piper. How he had enlisted in the U.S. Army out of Medical School, when the U.S. entered World War II. Leo had been tending to a wounded soldier during the battle of Guadalcanal, when he himself was killed. It was at that point that Leo, due his good deeds, was made a White Lighter.

Leo saves the Charmed Ones from Rex and Hannah

It was Leo's intervention that saved the Charmed Ones from Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster, during their initial encounter with the two Warlocks in early 1999. Leo used his powers to restore the powers to the Charmed Ones (Rex having forced them to relinquish their powers by framing Prue for a murder she did not commit). With their powers back, the Charmed Ones defeated Rex and Hannah. At the time, the Halliwell sisters did not know how their had gotten their powers back, as they were unaware of Leo's true status at that time.

Thus, Leo was indirectly responsible for Rex and Hannah turning their backs on evil and becoming friends and allies of Leo and the Halliwell sisters.

Marriage and children

Despite some obstacles put their path, Piper and Leo continued their relationship. In 2001, they were married. In 2003, their first son, Wyatt, was born. A second son, Chris, was born in 2004.



Not all the Elders had been opposed to Leo and Piper getting married. One of them, Gideon, supported it. Gideon was the founder and first headmaster of Magic School. Gideon was a longtime friend and mentor to Leo.

Thus when Gideon betrayed Leo and the Charmed Ones in 2004, due to his plans to murder young Wyatt, for the "greater good", Leo took it hardest of all. He had been betrayed by the man he had once called a friend and Elder. The two of them eventually battled, and Leo, also an Elder at this point. Gideon was seemingly destroyed.

In reality, the energy of the two Elders battling one another ripped a hole in space/time, and Gideon fell through it. He ended up, mortal and powerless, in Britain of 61 A.D. However, at this point, Leo and the Charmed Ones were unaware of this fact.

Leo becomes mortal

In 2005, Cole Turner intervened to make sure Piper Halliwell was reunited with Leo. Leo had been taken away by the Elders and his memories of Piper suppressed. Cole thus arranged for Piper to be attacked by Thorn Demons, in order that she could temporarily join him in the void between life and death, where Cole was trapped at that time. Once there, Cole was able to convince Piper to let herself go to the brink of death, and then call to Leo. Their love being stronger than the memory block the Elders placed on him, Leo fully realized his love for Piper and became fully mortal and human, forever giving up his powers to be with her. He arrived back home to see Piper healed by their son, Wyatt.

The return of Rex and Hannah

In 2008, Rex and Hannah returned to San Francisco and subsequently reconciled their differences with the Halliwell sisters and Leo.

Gideon again

In 2010, Rex and Hannah had travelled back in time to Britain of 61 A.D., to witness Queen Boudicca's final battle against the Roman Empire. While there, they discovered Gideon, who was attempting to alter the outcome of that battle. After stopping Gideon, Rex and Hannah returned with him to the 21st Century.

Soon after, Leo, Rex, Hannah, and Kira the Seer, took Gideon to Magic School, where he would be held until the Elders could be summoned. When a mysterious force began to attack Gideon, it was Leo that hit on the idea that it might be Sigmund, an instructor at Magic School, who had disappeared years before. Indeed it was the spirit of Sigmund, whom Gideon had murdered, just before his final attack on Wyatt in 2004. Rex managed to convince Sigmund not to harm Gideon, and Sigmund relented, moving on the the Spirit World.

Leo then testified to the Elders during Gideon's subsequent trial. In the end, Gideon was found guilty and sentenced to be recycled. Leo was able to see justice handed out to the man who had betrayed him, six years before.


In 2005, Leo became the new headmaster of Magic School. He is destined to hold this post for decades to come.


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