Personal Data

Paige Matthews
NAME: Paige Matthews

DOB: On or around August 2nd, 1977.

HAIR: Brown.

EYES: Brown.

OCCUPATION: Former Social Worker, trainer of new witches and White Lighters.


KNOWN POWERS: Orbing, healing, glamouring.

KNOWN RELATIVES: Samuel Wilder (father), Patricia Halliwell (mother, deceased), Penelope Halliwell (grandmother, deceased), Prudence Halliwell (half-sister, deceased), Piper and Phoebe Halliwell (half-sisters), Leo Wyatt (brother-in-law), Wyatt and Chris Halliwell (nephews), Henry Mitchell (husband), Henry Jr. and two sisters (children, the names of the two sisters are unknown), Mr. and Mrs. Matthews (adoptive parents, deceased, their first names are unknown).


A product of the love affair between Patricia Halliwell and her White Lighter lover, Sam Wilder, Paige was an unexpected surprise. Fearing that the Charmed Ones would be denied their legacy (it was specified that it would be three sisters, not four), Patty and Sam decided to give Paige up for adoption. They brought the baby girl to a nun, named Sister Agnes with one request, give her a name staring with the letter "P", hence the name Paige.

Paige was eventually adopted by a couple named Matthews, who were happy to have a baby girl they could call their own.

However, when Paige entered her teenage years, she became rebellious. She would party, drink, and constantly got into trouble. One day, in 1994, she told the Matthews that they were not her real parents, and, on that day, they got into a terrible car accident. Paige was saved by her orbing out of the car in time (but she was not aware of that), but both her adoptive parents perished in the accident.

Devastated by the loss of her adoptive parents, Paige vowed to clean up her act, and she did. She went to Berkeley University and ended up becoming a Social Worker.

Paige meets her half-sisters for the first time

Charmed Ones reborn

The Power Of Three is restored.

In 2001, Prudence Halliwell, oldest of the Charmed Ones, was killed by a Demon bounty hunter named Shax. It was at this point that Paige was directed towards her two half-sisters, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell. Ironically, Paige had been looking for her birth family for years, and had even considered that it might be the Halliwells. However, with no hard evidence, Paige eventually gave up.

One Paige made physical contact with Piper and Phoebe (by shaking hands with them), the Power Of Three was restored.

Thrust into the life of a witch, Paige was initially overwhelmed. However, in the end, she embraced her new life. Thus the Charmed Ones were reconstituted.

Paige tries to change the past

In 2002, Paige, with the help of Leo Wyatt, travelled back in time to 1994 to relive the last day of her adoptive parents lives. She had never really dealt with the tragedy and Leo thought this would help her. However, Paige then decided to try and prevent the accident from happening. However, she was unable to prevent it. Paige was devastated at losing her adoptive parents all over again. In the end, Leo arranged for the spirits of the Matthews to visit Paige. The Mathews told Paige how proud they were of her and Paige finally got the peace that had eluded her for years.

Paige the Charmed One

Over the following years, Paige, along with her sisters, battled evil, including the Source, and the Demon, Zankou. Despite some close calls, the Charmed Ones always came out ahead.

As a result of becoming a Charmed One, Paige gave up her job in Social Work to concentrate on magic full time. It was decision she would later regret.

Paige falls in love


The man Paige would marry: Henry Mitchell.

In 2005, Paige met a parole officer named Henry Mitchell, and the two of them clicked. Like Paige, Henry had been a foster child, so he understood her background. When Paige revealed who and what she was, Henry accepted it. The two of them ended up getting married and eventually would have three children.

There is a possibility that the three children were, in fact, adopted by Paige and Henry (both being foster children themselves, they may have wanted to give these three children the same opportunity that they have been given). However, this is pure conjecture as there is no concrete data available.

Paige would eventually become a mentor to up and coming witches and white lighters, while she and Henry raised their children.

Paige meets Rex and Hannah

In 2008, the Charmed Ones discovered that Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster were back in San Francisco. Paige, not knowing who Rex and Hannah were, was brought up to speed on the Halliwell sisters encounter with the two Warlocks, some ten years earlier. Paige went with her sisters to confront Rex and Hannah in their Palo Alto apartment. Rex showed the sisters his collection of books and weapons, and told them of his and Hannah’s time with the Warlock Insurgents. In the end, Rex succeeded in convincing the sisters that he and Hannah had indeed left their evil pasts behind them forever. From that point on, Rex and Hannah would be allies of the Charmed Ones.

Paige's first adventure with Rex and Hannah

In 2009, the spirit of Christy Jenkins returned to Earth, seeking her sister, Billie, and met Rex and Hannah. After uncovering background information on Christy, Rex and Hannah consulted with Paige. Paige told them about what had happened during the Ultimate Battle and decided to see events though with Rex and Hannah. In the end, the three of them did track Billie down in Seattle, Washington and watched as the two Jenkins sisters finally reconciled.

Second adventure

Later that same year, Paige introduced Rex and Hannah to Ava Nicolae, the Gypsy doctor she and her sisters had befriended some seven years before. Together, they all had an adventure involving a bunker in the Carpathian Mountains. Said bunker had formerly belonged to the late Romanian dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu.

Third adventure

A short time later, Paige was involved with Rex and Hannah when they sought to uncover the reason why Rex had been constantly dreaming of Herne the Hunter. Paige travelled to Britain with Rex and Hannah, where Herne gave Rex the Golden Scroll.


Although not directly involved in the 2013 adventure Rex, Hannah, Kalu, and the grown Charmed Sons had against the future version of the demon, Zankou, Paige did have a minor role. Zankou had kidnapped Henry as part of his plan to alter the future. However, Rex, Hannah, Kalu, and the Charmed Sons were able to save Henry and return him to a grateful Paige.

It is not known when Paige will team up with Rex and Hannah again, following the departure of the two former Warlocks for Arkham in early 2015.

Paige and her sisters did go to Arkham after Joseph Philips tried to kill Hannah. They visited Hannah in Arkham Community Hospital and signed her casts (both of Hannah's legs had been broken in the attempt on her life).

Contact between Paige and Rex and Hannah will no doubt continue.


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