Personal Data

RHRandolph Carter
BIRTH NAME: Randolph Carter

DOB: October 31st, 1992.

HAIR: Brown.

EYES: Brown.

OCCUPATION: Graduate student at Miskatonic University, leader of the Inner Circle.



KNOWN RELATIVES: Sir Randolph and Edmund Carter (ancestors), Jacob Carter (great-grandfather).

First encounter with Rex and Hannah

Randolph Carter first became known to Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster in the fall of 2014, when the two former Warlocks travelled to Vermont to investigate a mysterious black stone. He is a graduate student at Miskatonic University, in Arkham, Massachusetts and his help was valuable in solving the mystery of the black stone.

Second encounter

Randolph accompanied Rex and Hannah to Antarctica in late 2014. There they discovered the Mi-go's Antarctic outpost and the descendants of the followers of Napoleon Bonaparte that now inhabited it.

At the end of that adventure, Randolph told Rex and Hannah that he planned to remain at the habitat and look for more Mi-go artifacts. Whether he found any remains unknown at this time.

Randolph returns

RHRandolph Carter2

Randolph in research.

Rex and Hannah were living in Arkham by the time Randolph returned from Antarctica. He informed Rex and Hannah that the French settlers were adjusting well in their preparations to return to the outside world.

At that point, Randolph did admit that he had played a hand at getting Rex his new job as Head Of The Ancient Languages Department at Miskatonic University. He said that Rex's talent for translating old books and scrolls would make him a great addition to the staff and Richard Pickman, the Dean of Miskatonic University, had agreed with Randolph's assessment.

Randolph then made a rather cryptic statement about "possibility that some things could happen before long." However, before Rex could question him about that, Randolph departed.

The Inner Circle


Symbol of the Inner Circle.

What Rex and Hannah were unaware of was the fact that Randolph Carter was the leader of a mysterious group call the Inner Circle, which had been founded by his ancestor, Sir Randolph Carter. The Carter family had led the Inner Circle for more than three hundred years.

Randolph wanted Rex and Hannah to join the Inner Circle and thus he had been the one to arrange for Rex and Hannah to move to Arkham. This included arranging for Rex his aforementioned job at Miskatonic University (Dean Pickman is among the current members of the Inner Circle) and procuring the house Rex and Hannah moved into when they arrived in Arkham. Randolph and the Inner Circle, thanks to the books and scrolls they have, became aware of Rex and Hannah’s Warlock background.

After Rex and Hannah settled in Arkham, Randolph became a close ally, until he felt the time was right to tell Rex and Hannah about the Inner Circle.

However, Randolph had greatly underestimated the tenacity of Rex and Hannah. They had uncovered the existence of the Inner Circle faster than expected. This forced Randolph reveal the truth about Inner Circle to Rex and Hannah and invite them to join it.

Despite some complications, such as an attempt on Hannah's life by a disgruntled member that did not want the Circle to admit her (no women had been admitted before), Rex and Hannah ultimately agreed to join the Inner Circle. Thus all of Randolph's efforts had paid off in the end.

Rex and Hannah's Halloween wedding

Randolph was one of the guests to attend Rex and Hannah's Halloween wedding. Just prior to that, Randolph had met Kalu and learned that she was from the future. He promised to keep that information secret.

The illness

Randolph played a minor role in the events surrounding the mysterious illness that swept through Arkham in early 2016. He was present, however, when Rex and Hannah discovered the illness's link to the Blasted Heath.

The Hobus Crystal

In March of 2016, Randolph asked Rex and Hannah to meet him at Miskatonic University. When the two former Warlocks arrived, Randolph used a spell to put them to sleep. Randolph did this in order to use the Hobus Crystal, a mysterious crystal with the powers to show possible time lines to people as a dream. Randolph then showed Rex and Hannah a time line in which they never existed. In that time line, the Old Ones had escaped their prison and had wiped out all life on Earth and beyond.

The reason Randolph did this was that he wanted to show Rex and Hannah just what was at stake in keeping the Old Ones contained in their prison. Although Rex and Hannah did not fully approve of Randolph's action in this case, they did understand why he had done it. Thanks to Randolph's actions, Rex and Hannah now know that the future of the human race is now in their hands.

Possible lead on Old Ones

During a Halloween party in October of 2016, Randolph revealed that he had a promising lead on the return of the Old Ones. However, he refused to tell Rex and Hannah just what that lead was, because he didn't want to ruin their Halloween.

Rex and Hannah now await what Randolph has to tell them.

The Island

In May of 2017, Randolph accompanied Rex and Hannah to a mysterious island, that had appeared in the South Pacific Ocean,

Upon arrival at the island, the group discovered that the island had been set up as a base of operations for the Old One called Hastur.

The group also discovered that Hastur himself was on the island, in a state of suspended animation in a sarcophagus. It was at that point that the group was captured by Herbert West and Johanna Martense, who had come to the island to free Hastur. When Rex refused to help the two followers of the Old Ones, Johanna had them locked up.

However, the three of them managed to escape the island, before it sank beneath the sea.

What none of them knew, however, was that Johanna and West had managed to transport themselves, and Hastur, off the island before it sank. Johanna then used a spell to awaken Hastur, no doubt part of their scheme to free the rest of the Old Ones.

Halloween birthday surprise

Randolph attended the Halloween party that Rex and Hannah threw at their house on October 31st, 2017.

The two former Warlocks surprised Randolph with a birthday cake at that same party to celebrate his 25th birthday.

Exham Priory

Randolph accompanied Rex, Hannah, and Staci to Exham Priory, in England to help find a missing professor from Miskatonic University, Nathan Howell. While there, they uncovered the dark legacy of the De la Pour family, who had once owned the priory.

As it tuned out, Howell, whom they had found alive, was himself a De la Pour and planned to use Staci and Hannah as breeding stock, to start a new branch of the family (he planned to use Hannah and Staci as breeding stock to start a new branch of the family). However, using her powers, Hannah quickly subdued him.

After that, the group returned to the U.S.


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