Christmas 2011 1

Rex and Hannah Went To Town
(Sung to the tune of Good King Wenceslas)

Rex and Hannah went to town, on the Feast Of Yule. They were there to shop around, although the weather was cool. Brightly shown the sun that day, though the wind was cruel. The water in San Francisco Bay, shone just like a jewel.

Hither Hannah, walk with me, if you know it, telling. Which store do you suspect, has the best Yuletide selling. Rex, the store lies a good league hence, over by the highway. Right beside the waters edge, overlooking the clear blue bay.

Let’s buy gifts and let’s buy food, let’s buy them hither. All our friends will surely smile, when we bring them tither. Rex and Hannah, forth they went, onward both together. Buying on their shopping spree, despite the worsening weather.

Rex, my darling, hold me tight, as the day grows colder. The snow is falling more, and the wind blows bolder. Hannah, kitten, come with me, let’s sit at that fountain. We’ll be protected there from the wind, by that nearby mountain.

So the Warlocks went and sat, where they were protected. There the wind could not reach them, no matter what it affected. Therefore Witches and Warlocks be sure, all beings of magic possessing. As long as you have found true love, you will always find blessing.

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