General Information

Demonic Wasteland

Nice place not to spend eternity.

The Demonic Wasteland is a dimension where all vanquished Demons end up. At this point, not much is known about the Wasteland, or its history.

What is known is that, once a Demon ends up there, they are separated from their powers. Strange subterranean creatures then consume said powers (and sometimes the Demons themselves). As to what happens to the Demons after they are separated from their power, not much is known.

Although Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster have never been to the Wasteland themselves, they have run across a few that have been there and escaped.

Cole Turner

Cole Turner was sent to the Wasteland in 2002, after the Charmed Ones were forced to vanquish him, when he was possessed by the Source.

However, Cole was not there for long. Cole accidentally discovers that he could acquire the powers of other Demons vanquished into the Wasteland. In a short time, he had enough of those powers to fight off the creatures and effect his escape.

Kira the Seer

Kira the Seer was banished to the Wasteland by the Demon, Zankou, in 2004.

Four years later, in 2008, Phoebe Halliwell, with the help of Rex, used the Grimoire to rescue her.


Zankou himself was sent to the Wasteland by the Charmed Ones in 2005.

Unlike Cole and Kira, he would spend more than a thousand years there, until he managed to escape in the 34th Century.


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